Application Tips

Your decal arrives as a pre-spaced sheet, made up of 3 layers…

1- The top layer – or transfer tape ( to lift the lettering pre-spaced)

2- The middle layer – which is the vinyl design itself

3- The bottom layer – which is a grease proof backing layer , provided merely to stop the graphic sticking to itself

( if your order has been shipped in a postal tube, gently press the vinyl sheet flat before proceeding)

Position your vinyl sheet on the wall, centering the letters/design and securing at the top with masking tape.
The tape will act as a hinge for the project.

Vinyl Application 1

Flip the design upward and slowly peel off the bottom layer leaving just the top and middle layer left.
(if the lettering wants to stick to the backing slowly manipulate the backing to help the letters stick to the top layer)

Vinyl Application 2

Using a hard edge, such as a credit card or large lolly stick, firmly rub over the top layer to secure the design to the wall, work from the centre out.

Vinyl Application 3

Leave for 10 minutes ( not majorly important but it does help)

Then carefully peel back the sticky top layer, starting at the top corner revealing the design stuck on the wall

Vinyl Application 4

Vinyl Application 5

REMOVAL: When it comes time to remove your vinyl letters, remember that the heat of a hair dryer will soften the vinyl and make removal much easier.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please contact us.
We want you to be absolutely delighted with your vinyl wall stickers.